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“A truly versatile performer.
Chloë imbues characters with a sense of energy and unmatched presence on stage."  
“She has an ability to walk both the musical theatre and theatre worlds with grace and combine the knowledge into memorable and poignient pieces of art "  

- Shreya Jha, Adams Prize Winning Composer

- Molly Dunn, Award Winning Writer


 An incredibly versatile performer, Chloë has performed a wide range of characters from loving Disney Princesses to murderous cult leaders. She approaches her performance work with utmost dedication, detail, and care. Chloë is a top graduate of the University of Toronto's Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies program, where she received diverse training for the stage. Chloë has also trained privately under Toronto's top industry leaders. Chloë currently performs as a collective member with Theatre Georgian Bay. 

Select Awards:

Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse Award for Outstanding Performance

Pia Kleber Scholarship for Outstanding Performance

Chloë Rose Flowers.jpg
"I have to tell you may have seen me a bit weepy last night. It was all to do with Chloë Flowers' performance. Most of you were not from the same vantage point of where I was standing, but you had to see her face. Chloë was giving a PERFORMANCE. She was so connected and I believed EVERY WORD she was saying and singing. A performance like that will move you. It moved me...that's what made me cry. I thanked her for that amazing performance. It was a huge reminder as to WHY I founded Marquee."


founder & executive director 

marquee theatrical productions


Performance Inquiries Only

Jennifer Fry, Star Talent Inc.


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