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"A fast-paced play that sucks the audience into its tumultuous world" - The Varsity.

Five strangers find themselves on an unusual island with no memory of themselves or each other. With no purpose and no plans, they find purpose in a seemingly insignificant crab. Things quickly spiral out of control as their devotion to Crab grows to cult worship. Crab Mentality is a new dark comedy that explores how belief systems develop and evolve around the individuals who create them.

Onc Act Dark Comedy, 75 Minute Runtime, 1M, 1F, 3 Any Gender



By Molly Dunn, Chloë Rose Flowers & Raquel Ravivo

2023 Toronto Remount 

A Portrait of Two Men

By Victoria McIntyre & Chloë Rose Flowers

"A sparkling, lyrical exploration of an untold encounter in Canadian vivid as the visual art setting in which it's situated." - Madeleine Brown, actor, playwright and Theatre Direct Company Producer 

When the endearingly awkward doctor John McRuer meets the budding artist Tom Thomson, he is transported into a world of colour and nature, created by a love that he’s too afraid to name. But when John marries someone else to maintain his reputation, the two men must learn how to live in a world that would imprison them for loving each other, or risk losing everything, including the shreds of their relationship.

A story cultivated using never-before-seen evidence, real-life family connections to the characters, and aided by Thomson historians and specialists. A Portrait of Two Men explores parallels between Thomson’s artwork and his personal life, threading the two together to help unlock the mystery of this iconic Canadian’s life and death. 


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2019 Toronto Poster

"Chloë Flower's writing is quick-witted and full of life, all while skillfully drawing her audience into a turbulent world where the stakes could not be higher."

Andrea Perez,

author at intermission magazine 

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